The Lamp, then, and now; a very old commodity

In earliest times all kinds of light giving things and methods are recorded.  The earliest, of which the Sun and the Moon.  Our heavenly light givers.

From as early as Bible times, lamps are being mentioned.  There were the maidens waiting for the groom with their oil lamps, filled with oil and ready for the arrival.

Much later we have Florence Nightingale, on her rounds, with her lantern, visiting sick patients.

From then to now lamps have come a long way.

In 1879, Thomas Edison and Joseph Wilson Swan, patent the Carbon-thread, Incandescent light.

3 Reasons why the light bulb is considered the Greatest Invention

  1. Electrical light is available at the flick of a switch.
  2. Electric light opened up the night.

There were no more limitations on what you could do after dark.  Populated areas are brightly lit 24/7, enabling work and play, when and where you want.

  1. Manufacturers could expand their work hours and productivity, and, therefore, their income.

A whole lot of lamp evolution took place from that first electric lamps and light fittings.

Creating light for others naturally creates light for the creator, too.  Expanding on this light creating business a lot of inventions took place, and still continues to find new ways to lighten up our lives every day.

Lamps do not come in only one shape or kind anymore.  A big revolution in lighting took place and opened up wide areas to employ new ideas, and invent more ways and uses for lamps.

Nowadays a whole lot more is expected from lamps or lights, than just giving light.

There is a saying: “Where there is smoke, there must be a fire”, as for that matter, you can say, “Where there is light, there should be people”.

A number of things lamps do, and how they light up life.

  1. Light can be many things. Light can be sensual.  Light can be comforting.  Light can even be dangerous.  You can create atmosphere with different lamps, and different colours, etc.
  2. Light can take many forms. In architecture and even art, the use of light, can allow light to become form.
  3. Light can be a powerful substance. It is not only the Suns’ light that can be physically felt; you can feel a lights presence walking in a room.  You cannot only see it, it fills up space, lighting every corner.

By the words of photographer – Aaron Rose: “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”

The use of lamps inside our homes creates light in the darkness, patterns in the shadows and you can express different moods.  Almost like the Sun and Moons’ light changes throughout day and night.

A lamp does not only light up our lives, it can also beautify it.

We can create beautiful spaces with modern lighting ideas and a myriad of new technological lighting inventions.

Arlo Guthrie –singer, songwriter, and author said: “You cannot have a light without a dark to stick it in.”

Well, with all the choices of light we have available today, we can vanquish the dark.