Top 4 Lighting Tips for Interior Design

When it comes to home interior designs, nothing beats the look and feel of a room than the lighting. Choosing the perfect lighting design must be considered as functional, attractive, and flexible to your space. From deciding on the best light bulbs to taking the most out of your space, check out these top 4 lighting tips for interior design.

Determine the lighting needs for each room

You should provide a mix of light sources that vary in different levels of creating a smooth ambiance. The living room allows more options as you can light three out of the four corners and focus on a usable area of the room. The dining room must make the table the highlight of the space. You can choose a pendant or chandelier above the table. Kitchen lights should be focused on the overhead as well as add lower sources of light to brighten the workspaces. For the bedroom, opt for a cozy space with reading lamps and sconces near the bed.

Work on the Placement

Bedroom lamps should be placed below the line of sight. On the other hand, your kitchen lights should be placed on the ceiling and not obstruct any views of the members of the household. Dining areas look best with a three-quart hanging light. Depending on the design, you can choose the lower number of height for intimacy and higher for brighter features.

Understand the Wattage

The activities you choose to use the lights for will make all the difference. If you plan to use your lamp for reading, you should choose a lamp that will be placed between the head and the book. This will prevent undesired shadows. For a computer desk, prevent sore eyes by keeping the light in the room no brighter than the actual screen. A soft ambient light will do wonders for the room.

Take Advantage of Dimmers

When it comes to illumination, dimmers are your best friend. They allow you to adjust the feel of the room with different levels of light. You can use dimmers on overheads, lamps, and even table lamps with just a single switch. Not only do dimmers help save on energy, they also extra bulbs.

What lighting fixture are you planning to add into your home? Comment below and let us know!